Helpful Information


How long do your customs last?

Each custom is painted high quality paints and sealed with a durable, flexible factory coat to prevent scratches and cracks. The durability depends on proper aftercare by wearer.

Can you paint any shoe?

It's possible to have any sneakers customized, however leather and canvas are my preferred choices to give the best quality artwork.

How do I pay for customs?

I take payments via Paypal & CashApp. After an order is placed I will provide you payment links.

When do I pay for the customs?

I take payments as soon as the order is placed, not after.

How can I place an order?

You can contact me through the Contact page. You may also email or DM me on Facebook & Instagram. (Links below)

Do I have to buy shoes?

Yes you will have to purchase shoes. This is to protect you from fakes and sizing errors. You may include the price of your shoes in the quoted price and I will order them for you.

How long does it take to customize?

I usually ask for 2 or 3 weeks given your design description. In that time I’ll be coming up with a design and painting. Feel free to contact me for updates anytime.

Do you give refunds?

Unfortunately at this time I do not. Your custom sneakers are made to order, making them hard to resell. If you receive an item damaged please contact USPS with the shipping information provided. I have provided up to $200 in insurance on your package. You can however, be compensated on a future purchase if the error is related to design/paint issues.

How much does a pair of custom sneakers cost?

In order to beat competition, each order is priced by individually. You will be quoted based on design, accessories, and shipping costs. General customs can vary between $100 to $250.

I saw a custom someone else did, can you do it?

As an artist, it isn’t acceptable to copy another artists design. What I will do is help you come up with a design unique to you in the same theme.

Do you paint midsoles?

No. Soles will not last permanently when painted and will ruin your customs. I will however, dye clear or icey soles any color you like.