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Hey there, I'm Anthony, the founder of SneakerFare—an artistic haven for custom sneaker enthusiasts. Our mission is to transform sneakers into unique masterpieces through the magic of hand-painted artwork. Each pair we create is a one-of-a-kind gem, celebrating individuality and self-expression. We believe that true uniqueness comes from within, and our custom sneakers are the perfect canvas for expressing your personal style. Elevate your sneaker game with our exclusive collection of handcrafted designs, where artistry meets footwear. Join us on this creative journey and step into a world where sneakers become a symbol of your exceptional individuality.

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Sneakers that stand out

Sneakerfare Kicks believes that your accessories should reflect your personality and be a window to yourself. I believe in providing everyone the ability to wear their heart out in the form of premium customized sneakers.

To me, individuality is important and that is why every sneaker carries a fragment of just you. I endeavour to create a more engaging and thoughtful world where our actions reflect our selves.

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• Achieving the Best of Yourself
“We believe that the essence of existence lies in being always able to be on your highest point in life and wear your style statement in a confident way. The same ideology is translated in our carefully customized pair of sneakers which provide your soul a sense of owning something that is near to your heart and inspires others when you wear your sneakers.

• Designed for You
“We know that it is a hard journey to express your true style and have fitting sneakers for that. We also know that you need more than just a pair of sneakers, the same design owned many hundreds of people out there. You need a pair that belongs to you in every sense, its design, colour, art and above all your exclusive way to wear them with your outfit. Sneakerfare Kicks caters to highly exclusive sneaker customization.

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