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Custom Sneaker Challenge

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Sneaker Design Challenge is a competition for young, student artists, to experience the process of creating a concept and watching how it comes to fruition. Often young creatives are discouraged by the disconnect between the infinite possibilities within their imaginations and their own technical limitations. In this project, Artist, Anthony Amos and Teaching Artist, Ben Salus will be evaluating designs made through sneaker templates. The winners will be picked not on the basis of drawing or color theory skills, but on the quality, originality, and organization, meaning placement of design and color as it relates to the form of the shoe. The winners will receive their ideas fulfilled in the form of a professionally customized sneaker in their size, (one size larger for younger entrees if requested). $ pairs will be awarded and 1 pair will be created specifically for Secretary Jesse White by request of the local school district.

Phase 2 - This project was such a success we are aiming higher for the next school year! We will be expanding the competition to be district wide and include a post project school mural, based on common themes found within submissions.

Teaching artist Ben Salus and artist Anthony Amos are collaborating to create customized sneakers through a school based competition based on k-8 student designs. These students from the South, Chicago Metropolitan Area, are often overlooked and deal with many grown up struggles. Students are often told a lesson or skill will benefit them later in life. While jobs in the future, better education in HS and college, and higher quality of life is certainly a priority, looking ahead is often hard for a student to envision.

This type of incentive teaches kids that something they work hard on and invest time in can earn them something unique and exciting, right now. It is difficult for young students to put the future's possibilities over the distractions of the moment, especially in quarantine. This gives them a timeline they can respond to and a product they can get excited for.

Make amazing sneakers and kids will take a walk, leaving their screens behind, and feeling the world at their feet.

Funds will go to specialized paint, sealers, and primers, cost of the shoes, heat gun, and all needed equipment to document the process.

We aim to have these finished by end of summer, so send funds now!

Thank everyone. We can't wait to show you what your donations created.

Find the gofundme link below.

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